A case of COVID-19 has been confirmed on Yakushima

Request concerning the confirmed case of COVID-19 on Yakushima –
The first COVID-19 case on Yakushima has been confirmed in Yakushima on August 19.


A male living on Yakushima has tested positive for COVID-19.
Kagoshima Prefectural Office is tracing his movements and close contacts. 


Yakushima Town Office is in cooperation with organizations against COVID-19. I would like for the people of Yakushima to keep calm and not panic.

I strongly request that you do not go to the hospital out of fear or overwhelm the hospital with questions concerning this case.

I also ask that you refrain from spreading rumors and unfair discrimination related to COVID-19.

I would like for people to continue with the countermeasures against COVID-19. Please make sure to wash your hands, gargle, wear masks, and use hand sanitizers. Avoid CLOSED-IN SPACES, CROWDED PLACES, CLOSE-CONTACTS. Please always be mindful of your actions against COVID-19.

Koji Araki,
Mayor of Yakushima Town


※This information provided by Kagoshima Prefectural government
※In August 20, Kagoshima Prefectural government announced officially.
   For further information, please see the link below.

– Inquiry –
Yakushima Town Office COVID-19 Response Headquarters,
Address: 849-20 Koseda, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima, 891-4292 JAPAN
TEL 0997-43-5900 / Fax 0997-43-5905