Request for Donations to the Yakushima Mountain Preservation Fund(屋久島山岳部保全募金のお願い)

◆We would appreciate your cooperation with Yakushima’s mountain fund-raising campaign◆

In order to protect the natural environment of the mountains in Yakushima, the Yakushima Mountain Facility Council (YMFC) conducts environmental conservation activities with the cooperation of many people. Carrying out of the waste from mountain outhouses, promotion of disposal toilets utilization, and maintaining several mountain climbing routes are some of their projects.

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The the Yakushima Mountain Facility Council is running the Yakushima’s mountain fund-raising campaign to cover these cost. All donations will be greatly appreciated. We would like to ask for donation of at least 500 yen per person to cover coast in keeping Yakushima safe and enjoyable for all. Donations from companies or any organizations are welcome. Yakushima’s environmental conservation activities are supported by these donations and by people who care for Yakushima’s nature.

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Location of donation boxes:

(1) Arakawa trail entrance (2) Yodogawa trail entrance  (3) Yakusugi Land  (4) Shiratani Unsuikyo
(5) Yakusugi Museum  (6) Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center  (7) Yakushima Tourism Association
(8) Miyanoura Port  (9)Yakushima Town Office