Sightseeing, Coastal Areas-海編

Tsukasaki Tidal Pool

 Tsukasaki Tidal Pool is located below Yakushima Ryokoson(Youth Travel Village), about 80 minutes by car from the airport. Coral reefs and tropical fish can be seen.


Candle Mangrove Tree, “Mehirugi”

 The mangrove colony can be found on the right bank of Kurio River, about 80 minutes by car from the airport. This mangrove colony is the northern limit for its habitation.


Pillow shaped lava

 Pillow shaped lava rocks can be found on the Tashiro Coast, about 5-kilometer drive from the airport. About 40 million years ago, an undersea volcano erupted and lava flowed out. Due to pressure, it hardened in the shape of pillows on the seabed. It was then carried to the coast by the movement of the Pacific plate.


Nagata Inakahama beach

 Nagata Inakahama Beach is located in Nagata, about 50 minutes by car from the airport. Unlike the rocky coast of most of Yakushima Island, Inakahama is a beautiful white sand beach stretching for 800 meters to Yotsuse-no-hana. It is also known as the nesting place for sea turtles. Many sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs from May to July. The eggs are protected by the local residents and by volunteers. During the day you may enjoy the beautiful beach and see Kuchinoerabujima Island in the distance.


Yakushima Lighthouse

 This white lighthouse stands on a cliff at Cape Nagata, about 60 minutes by car from the airport. It is around 5 kilometers west from Inakahama beach in Nagata Village. Since it was first lit up in 1897, it has been ensuring the safety of ships navigating near Yakushima Island for more than 100 years. It commands a spectacular panoramic view which can be seen free of charge.


Isso beach

 Isso Beach is located near Isso, the northernmost port town of Yakushima Island. It is about a 40-minute drive from the airport. It is an inlet embraced by Cape Yahazu. It is also a popular diving spot due to the great coral reefs and dynamic undersea landscape where you can see fish of all colors. There are changing and shower rooms, restrooms, and a pavilion where you can rest.


Kurio beach

Kurio beach is a beautiful white sand beach, about 80 minutes by car from the airport. The beach is protected against the open sea currents by sea barriers. In summer, you can see sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs.


Haruta-hama beach

 Haruta-hama beach is located in Anbo, about 30 minutes by car from the airport. It is an inlet on a rocky shore formed from elevated petrified coral reefs. You can enjoy swimming and/or snorkeling in the emerald green sea. Also at low tide, many coral fish and sea life can be seen in the tidal pools.


Landing Place of Sidotti

 It is a 50-minute drive from the airport. This is the place where an Italian priest, Giovanni Battista Sidotti, landed on October 11th 1708. A church and monument can also be seen there. Hakuseki Arai, an influential Confucian and politician, wrote a book, “Seiyo Kubun –Record of Things Heard from the West,” a book describing the Occident and his conversation with Sidotti. It is said that this work was the first opportunity for Japanese to learn about European cultures.