General Information

Location 60 km from Cape Sata, 130 km from Kagoshima, and 1,000 km from Tokyo
* From Kagoshima about 40 min by airplane, 2 hours by high-speed ship and 4 hours by ferry
Area 504 square kilometers.
Circumference 132 kilometers
Landscape 90 percent mountains.
World Natural Heritage Site Yakushima was listed as a World Natural Heritage Site in 1993. It covers 21 % of Yakushima. Seibu-rindo Forest Path is a popular area having a- vertical distribution of vegetation that you can visit by car.
Population 12,053 (as of the end of March, 2020)
Means of public transportation Local bus, Taxi, and car, bicycle, motorcycle rentals
Main industries Agriculture, forestry, fishery, and tourism
Specialties Yakusugi-cedar crafts, Ponkan・Tankan Orange, Dried Mackerel, Shochu (Japanese spirits distilled from sweet potatoes), mineral water, Tea, etc.
Local cuisines Sashimi (raw fish), Tsukiage (minced fish patty), Dried Mackerel, Shellfish, Lobster, Seafood
Yearly average temperature coastal areas 20 °C (highest: 35.4 °C, lowest: 0.7 °C), mountains 6-7 °C
Annual average rainfall Coast 4,000 mm, mountain 10,000 mm
Snow Early December to late March on mountains.
Rainy season Late May to early July.
Typhoon season From August to October
Mountains  8 highest mountains in Kyushu. (e. g. Mt. Miyanoura : 1936 m, Mt. Nagata: 1886 m)
Annual number of visitors About 250,000
Number of climbers to Jomon-sugi cedar
Year Climbers
2015 56,994
2016 60,456
2017 65,413
2018 60,902
2019 45,882
Beaches Three swimming areas : Isso Beach (pavilion, changing and shower room, restroom, parking lot), Haruta-hama Beach (restroom, pavilion and parking lot), Kurio Beach (restroom, pavilion, shower and changing room, parking lot).
Nagata Inakahama Beach, beautiful white sand beach (restroom and parking lot)
Sea turtle Two thousand sea turtles come and nest on Nagata Inakahama Beach. There are 3 nesting beaches on Yakushima; Isso, Nagata, and Kurio.
Animals Many species of animals on Yakushima. (16 kinds of mammalian species, 167 kinds of birds, 15 kinds of reptiles, 8 kinds of amphibians, and 1,900 kinds of insect. Yaku Monkey, Yaku Deer, Yaku Mole and Yaku Wood Mouse are commonly-seen.)
Plants Over 1,900 varieties of plants (include 94 kinds of indigenous plants)
Hot springs There are 10 hot springs (Kusugawa, Onoaida, Hirauchi, Yudomari, Koseda, and Kushinoerabujima)  
Popular leisure activities Mountain climbing, Kayaking, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Cycling, etc.
Schools in Yakushima There are 9 elementary schools, 4 junior high schools, one high school, 1 kindergartens, 2 preschools, and 4 certified child centers
Banks in Yakushima Minami Nippon Bank with ATM in Miyanoura
Kagoshima Bank with ATM in Miyanoura
Transit Company’s Telephone Numbers Tane-Yaku High-speed ship Company Toppy & Rocket
TEL: 099-226-0128, 099-223-5688
Nihon Air commuter / JAC (Airplane)
TEL: 0570-025-071
Orita Kisen (Ferry Yakushima 2)
TEL: 099-226-0731
Tourism Information Centers Yakushima Tourism Association
Address: Anbo 187-1  TEL: 46-2333
Miyanoura information center
Address: Miyanoura 823-1  TEL: 42-1019
Airport information center
Address: Koseda 310-1  TEL: 49-4010
Emergency Telephone Numbers Yakushima Police Station  0997-46-2110
Yakushima Fire Department
・North Fire Station  0997-42-0119
・South Fire Station  0997-47-2125
Yakushima Town Hall  0997-43-5900