Mountain Hut information

There are six unmanned mountain huts, which is shelter. Camping on the mountain is prohibited, so please use the mountain huts if you are planning to stay in the mountain overnight. If the capacity of the mountain huts is exceeded only then you will be allowed to camp at an appointed site near the mountain huts. 
Mountain huts are first come first serve and no reservation can be made. Please be prepared with the appropriate equipment and supply such as meals, fuel, sleeping bag, and camping mat, etc. The use of fire in the mountain huts is strictly prohibited. Before getting dark, please check the locations of the outside toilets and water. After staying at a mountain huts, please keep it clean and tidy for the next user. Bring back all your trash from the mountain.
Please use the mountain huts harmoniously with other users especially during the high seasons (summer holidays, Golden Week holidays and long vacations in autumn). 
 To have a comfortable stay and many wonderful memories of Yakushima, please follow the hiking code.


①Shiratani Hut Constructed:1979
Structure: reinforced concrete building
Shiratani Mountain Hut is a reinforced concrete building and is located on Kusugawa Mountain Trail at an altitude of 825 meters. The upper part of Shiratani River is near the hut.
The capacity of this hut is 40 people and there are two toilets inside and water near the hut. 


②Takatsuka Hut Constructed:2013
Structure: steel structure
Takatsuka Mountain Hut was rebuilt in 2013. It is located at 1,330 meters above sea level, 8 minute walk from Jomon-sugi, at the junction of the Ohkabu Mountain Trail and Miyanoura Mountain Trail.
The water supply for the users of this mountain hut is below Jomon-sugi. There is a toilet near this hut. The capacity of the hut is 20 people which is frequently exceeded because of being it near Jomon-sugi. We recommend you bringing a lightweight tent. Please be aware that there may be strong winds around this mountain hut.


③Shin-takatsuka Hut Constructed:1992
Structure: wooden construction
Shin-takatsuka Mountain Hut, 1,460 meters above sea level, is a wooden hut. It is located 1.7 kilometers away from Takatsuka Mountain Hut, an 80 minute walk. It was built in 1992. The area around Shin-takatsuka Mountain Hut is thick primeval forest. You may see wild Yaku-deers. Please do not feed wild animals to protect the ecosystem. 
The interior is constructed into double-decks and has a capacity of 40 people. There are two water places. The nearest water is located behind the hut. The other is on the trail to Jomon-sugi. Also there is a toilet near the hut.


④Shikanosawa Hut Constructed:1965
Structure: stone-built building
Shikanosawa Mountain Hut is located 1.2 kilometers, around 45 minute walk, from Mt. Nagata. It is located between Hanayama Mountain Trail and Nagata Mountain Trail. The Shikanosawa Mountain Hut was built at Shikanowasa wetland in 1965. It is situated in a beautiful Yaku-sugi cedar forest. The high density of Yakushima Rhododendrons around Shikanosawa Mountain Hut bloom in spring. This scenery leaves a deep impression on many climbers. 
The stone-build mountain hut’s capacity is 20 people. This aged mountain hut is frequently repaired. The toilet is 50 meters away from this hut. There is water behind the hut. The approved camping site around this hut is limited due to Shikanosawa hut being located in wetland.


⑤Yodogawa Hut Constructed:1988
Structure: log-cabin style hut
Yodogawa Mountain Hut is located at the upper part of Arakawa River which is the tributary stream of Anbo River. Yodogawa mountain hut is at an altitude of 1,380 meters and is located 1.5 kilometers, about 40 minute walk from Yodogawa trail entrance. Upper part of Arakawa River flows by one side of Yodogawa hut. This is also known as Yodogawa River and for its beauty and clear water. The lush green forest and clear water around Yodogawa hut create a fantastic atmosphere. The former mountain hut built in 1966 was reconstructed in 1988 as a log cabin. 
Yodogawa mountain hut capacity is around 40 people and the sleeping spaces are separated into two levels. If the capacity of the hut is exceeded, please camp at an approved site near the mountain hut. There is an outside toilet and a small stream next to this hut for water.


⑥Ishizuka Hut Constructed:1971
Structure: concrete block building
Block built Ishizuka Mountain Hut is located 1,600 meters above sea level and 1.2 kilometers from Hananoego high moor. The capacity of this hut is 20 people. A toilet is next to this hut and water is 5 minute away toward Hananoego high moor.