Nagorino Matsubara Pine Park

Nagorino Matsubara Pine Park
AREA… Miyanoura
LOCATION… about 1 km from Miyanoura-ohashi Bridge (12 min. on foot) / about 19.3 km from Anbo (28 min. by car)
NEAREST BUS STOP… No.21 Miyanourako iriguchi bus stop (It’s in front of the park)
FACILITIES…Restroom and arbors

<Nagorino matsubara Pine Park>
Nagori-no-matsubara Pine Park is located at the entrance of Miyanoura Port, 17 minutes by car (11km) from the airport. It is a beautiful pine park with resting area along the Miyanoura Port. The name of this park came from people seeing off ships leaving the Miyanoura Port. (“Nagori” means remnant or vestige and “Matsubara” means pine grove.) A monument erected in 1993 marking the registration of Yakushima as a World Natural Heritage site can also be seen around the corner. The area around the park is very convenient for tourists because there are cafés, restaurants, gift shops, rental car shops, a supermarket, and tourist information center. 
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