Landing Place of Sidotti

Landing Place of Sidotti
AREA… Koshima

LOCATION… about 35 km from Miyanoura (51 min. by car) / about 16.2 km from Anbo (25 min. by car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.102 Koshima bus stop (650 meters/ 10 min. on foot)

<Landing Place of Sidotti>
It is a 36-minute drive (25 km) from the airport. This is the place where an Italian priest, Giovanni Battista Sidotti, landed on October 11th 1708. A church and monument can also be seen there. Hakuseki Arai, an influential Confucian and politician, wrote a book, “Seiyo Kibun–Record of Things Heard from the West,” a book describing the Occident and his conversation with Sidotti. It is said that this work was the first opportunity for Japanese to learn about European cultures.
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