Nishinoyu Onsen

Nishinoyu Onsen

AREA… Kuchinoerabujima

LOCATION…about 2 km from Honmura port (5 min. by car)
* 1 hour 40 minutes by Ferry Taiyo from Miyanoura port (Yakushima) to Honmura port (Kuchinoerabujima)

Type of hot spring… Sodium- chloride hot spring

Opening hours…24 hours

Fee…200 yen for adults 


Nishinoyu Hot Spring is located on Kuchinoerabujima Island, about 5 minutes by car or 25 minutes on foot from Honmura Port. During high tide the hot spring water flows out from the bottom of the pool. Being close to Honmura Village, many islanders frequent the hot spring.

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