Mt. Mocchomu

Mt. Mocchomu

Starting point for trekkingMocchomu-dake Mountain Trail Entrance (Senpiro Waterfall Viewpoint)

Access to starting point… 32 km from Miyanoura (49 min. by car) / 13.3 km from Anbo (23 car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.87 Tainoko bus stop (3.3 km/ 60 min. on foot)

Altitude…940 meters 

Distance from the trail entrance…about 3 kilometers 

The time required for round trip…6-7 hours  

Difference in elevation…729 meters 

Mt. Mocchomu, over 3 hours from the trail entrance at the Senpiro Waterfall Viewpoint, is located in the southern part of the island and can be seen from the villages of Hara and Onomaida. It is a very uniquely shaped mountain that has an exposed granite surface. Because of its appearance, Mt. Mocchomu, at a height of 940 meters, is called the Matterhorn of the East.
The mountain trail to Mt. Mocchomu is steep trail with exposed roots. It would be a hard hike.




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