Mt. Aiko

Mt. Aiko

Starting point for trekking… Mt. Aiko Trail Entrance (Koseda)

Access to starting point… 10.2 km from Miyanoura (20 min. by car) / 13.4 km from Anbo (26 car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.44 Koseda bus stop (2.8 km/ 42 min. on foot from bus stop to the trail entrance)

Altitude…1,235 meters 

Distance from the trail entrance…about 4.4 kilometers 

The time required for round trip…7-8 hours  

Difference in elevation…1,060 meters 


Mt. Aiko, at a height of 1,235 meters, is located in the northeastern part of Yakushima. It can be seen clearly from Koseda and Nagamine town. This is the only mountain with the same name as Princess Aiko. The summit of Mt. Aiko is rocky and has a great view like many other high mountains of Yakushima. Climbing Mt. Aiko will take over 7 hours round trip from the Mt. Aiko Train Entrance.



<Mt. Aiko seen from Koseda>


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