Nagarebune, Anbo River Boat Tours

Nagarebune, Anbo River Boat Tour
AREA… Anbo

LOCATION… 19 km from Miyanoura (28 min. by car) / 1 km from Anbo Port (13 min. on foot)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.66 Anbo bus stop 
                                 (280 meters/ 3 min. on foot)

FAVORED FEATURE…experience something out of the ordinary

<Nagarebune at Anbo River>
It is said to have begun when the warriors of the Heike Clan who were forced to leave the Capital after their defeat in 1185 with the Genji Clan, had a banquet on a boat one summer evening recollecting the Capital town of Kyoto. The Anbo River Boat Tour is a two-hour leisurely cruise down Anbo River running through the town of Anbo. Enjoying the local cuisine and shochu liquor under a starry night sky is one of Yakushima Island’s popular summer features.
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