Marine Activities

Marine Activities
Big Catch of Fish!

The abundant blessing of the Kuroshio Current, bountiful rainfalls, and the vast forest of Yakushima provide rich nutrients to the surrounding sea, making it a diver’s paradise with many marine species. (Yakushima was chosen as the area for having the largest variety of fish in Japan for 3 straight years.)   
Marine activity season is from April to October. Swimming, sea kayaking, snorkeling, and scuba diving are just some of the activities you can enjoy. Spending time on the beach relaxing and collecting seashells is another way to enjoy Yakushima.
 (*Scuba diving is available throughout the year.) 
Nagata Beach is the largest loggerhead turtle nesting area in the North Pacific. There is a high probability that you may see sea turtles while doing a scuba diving and snorkeling.

The view of the sunset from Nagata Inakahama Beach!

● Fishing
Yakushima has many fishing fans. You can rent fishing equipment from some fishing-tackle stores and accommodations.    
* Reservation is required for charter boat for leisure fishing.

Let’s enjoy summer!!
A Pleasant Surprise Fish Diversity
A Hatchling Entering the Sea!

● Snorkeling&Scuba Diving
Yakushima has a bountiful sea. You can experience and enjoy viewing a large variety of fish and coral reefs.

● Sea Tutle Observing Tours
Sea turtle observing tours are conducted on Nagata Inakahama Beach during the nesting period, from May to July.  
How about experiencing a touching moment.
・Admission fee for the tour: 1,500 yen for adults/Free for junior high school students and under
* For more detailed information, please contact Yakushima Tourism Association. 
・TEL  0997-46-2333 (main office)