Other Tours & Experience

Other Tours & Experience
● Village Tours
Local village storytellers will take you around their villages interesting spots. Seven villages conduct village tours.
・Tour Rate: 1,500 yen/per person  
・Time: 2-3 hours
※Reservation required
Yakushima Village Tour Promotional Association Administrative Office   
・TEL 0997-42-2900
・URL  http://www.yakushima.jp

● Local Industry Tours
Shochu Brewery factory Tours
Shochu for Kagoshima is “Imo-shochu” made from sweet potato. Yakushima has two local shochu brewing companies that have factory tours.

Dried Mackerel Plant Tours
Saba-bushi *1 and flying fish dishes are favorite foods for the local people. Saba-bushi are made from fresh mackerel caught in the sea around Yakushima, and dried or smoked. They go well with shochu. Dried mackerel plant tours are held at Isso. 
*1 There are two types of Saba-bushi, “Hon-gare” which is thoroughly dried out and “Namari-bushi” which is smoked.


● Other Activities
◇ Chopsticks Making 
You can experience yakusugi chopsticks making. You will notice the aroma of yakusugi cedar while making your chopsticks. It will be one of a kind.

◇ Aroma Spray Making
Would you like to create your own original aroma oil spray? There are locally and domestically produced essential oils that you can use.

◇ Smoked Fish Making with Locally Caught Fish
You can experience making smoked fish, like flying fish. Starts with making a fire in a “shichirin” (a portable clay stove used for cooking) with cherry wood chips. You can take home your smoked fish in vacuum packs.

◇ Ponkan & Tankan Harvesting
Yakushima has some farms that you can experience harvesting Ponkan & Tankan during its harvest season. 【Ponkan:from December to January  Tankan:from February to March】