River Activities

River Activities
It is said that Yakushima’s river flow continuously and it is clear and transparent. Yakushima has over 140 rivers.
The river activity season in Yakushima is from April to October. You can enjoy river kayaking, shower climbing, and stand up paddling.   
Also, spending time on a riverbank is a good place to relax, to read a book, or just enjoy the day.
Beginner-friendly! A popular activity for ladies Let’s go on an enjoyable adventure
● River Kayaking
Kayaking on the lower part of Anbo River is a beginner-friendly activity. A sandbank located up river is a good spot to rest and take photos. You may see small waterfalls cascading down the steep valleys surrounding Anbo River.

The booming popularity of SUP has come to Yakushima. SUP on a tranquil river surrounded by the fresh air of the forest makes for a relaxing activity.
*SUP stands for stand up paddle.

● Shower Climbing
The upper part of Anbo River is an excellent place to see many potholes*1 formed by erosion of the river, which is considered to be rare. Why not come and experience Yakushima’s unique nature. 
*1 Some of the potholes are enormous in size and can fit over 30 people inside it.
* For more detailed information, please contact Yakushima Tourism Association. 
・TEL  0997-46-2333 (main office)  ・URL  http://yakukan.jp/