Do you have any laundry?

[Coin-operated laundries] The coin-operated laundry is sometimes absolutely essential for local people’s lives because of Yakushima’s abundant rainfall and highly humid environment. It is also helpful for tourists after trekking in the rain because some laundries offer a sneaker washing machine with a drying machine. 
 Coin-operated laundries are located in Miyanoura, Koseda, Anbo, Hara and Onoaida. In each coin-operated laundry, coin-changer is within and can exchange 1,000 yen notes for coins. (The coin-operated washing machines will only accept 100-yen coins.) 

Miyanoura Life Center Yakuden coin laundry It is located at the supermarket Life Center Yakuden parking lot.
SOMES coin laundry It is located along the main road, across a street going to Hinokamiyama Pier from Miyaura Elementary School.
Koseda SOMES coin laundry It is located at retail store SOMES parking lot.
Coin laundry CLOVER It is located of north of Anbo, Matsumine, on the main road, right across from Isono-kaori sushi restaurant.
Coin laundry CLEAR It is located 300 meters toward the mountains from the junction going to the Anbo port.
Anbo Ichikoshi coin laundry It is located next to the bike shop YAMAHA You Shop Nangoku.
Anbo (Harumaki) Coin laundry CLEAR Is located about 80 meters from restaurant An-ei-maru, one kilometer north of Anbo river.
Hara Coin laundry CLEAR Is located just in front of Kamiyama Elementary School, next to ENEOS gas station in Hara.
Onoaida Coin laundry CLEAR Is located along the road going to JR Hotel, next to Onoaida post office.