Means of Public Transportation

Means of Public Transportation
Yakushima has only local bus transportation and its number of services are limited. Many visitors rent cars because of this reason. However, to drive in Japan you must have with you the proper documents. Please check your international driver’s license before visiting Yakushima.


Local buses


 There are two bus companies in Yakushima (Yakushima Kotsu Bus and Matsubanda Kotsu Bus) and three bus routes, one is on the main road and the other two routes are to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine and Kigen-sugi. The buses to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine and Kigen-sugi run on different schedules and may vary during the year due to weather conditions.
The buses to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine run 7 times a day and the buses to Kigen-sugi run twice a day. There is no bus or taxi service on Kuchinoerabujima.
 If you plan to use the public service while on Yakushima, please check current bus schedules and road conditions. Also, knowing the locations of bus stops and the time of the last bus would be advisable. 
☝ Some of the tourist spots are not near the bus stops, so please check the location and the bus time schedule in advance.

Local bus fare between the major bus stops (one-way)
Miyanoura Port ― Anbo Port 850 yen
Miyanoura Port ―Shiratani Unsuikyo 560 yen
Miyanoura Port ―Ohko Waterfall 1,900 yen
Miyanoura Port ―Nagata 920 yen
Anbo Port ―Yakusugi Land 750 yen
Anbo Port ―Kigensugi Cedar 960 yen


Yakushima Kotsu 
Free Pass Bus Ticket
1 day 2,000 yen
3 days 3,000 yen
4 days 4,000 yen

☛ There are free pass bus tickets for a local bus, Yakushima Kotsu Bus, which are the buses with palm trees painted on it. (It cannot be used for any other bus companies.) Free pass bus tickets are not sold on the buses, please purchase it in advance. Tickets are sold at Jetfoil reception counters in Miyanoura and Anbo port, Yakushima Airport, and each tourist information centers, etc.

List of Yakushima Kotsu Free Pass ticket sales locations
Bus stop No. The bus stop name Ticket sales place Bus stop No. The bus stop name Ticket sales place
19 Seaside Hotel Seaside Hotel 49 Airport Yakushima Airport
20 Miyanoura Port Jet-foil Toppy & Rocket reception counter Airport Tourist Information Center
62 Gocho-mae Yakushima Kotsu
21 Miyanoura-iriguchi Yakushima Kanko Center 63 Keisatsusho-mae Mori-no Kirameki
Miyanoura Tourist Information Center Yakushima Tourism Association
Portside Youth Hostel 64 Anbo Port Anbo port
22 Noboriagari Yakushima Travel 93 Futamatagawa Pension Luana House
23 Miyanoura Yakushima Michinoeki Kanko 97 JR Hotel JR Hotel
25 Ohara-machi Tashiro Bekkan 99 Iwasaki Hotel Iwasaki Hotel
30 A-coop mae Yakusugi-so 107 Hirauchi Iriguchi Yakushima South Village
48 Shiono-michi Jomon no yado Manten Hotel * Kagoshima Port South Pier and Ibusuki Port at Jet-foil reception counter


Car Rental

Company Name Service Office TEL (0997) Number of vehicles owned
Anbo Shinjiyama Rent-a-car Anbo 49-7277 16
Orix Rent-a-car Airport office 43-5888 25
Yakushima  office 46-3782
Miyanoura office 42-2669
Kamiyama Rent-a-car Anbo 49-7070 21
Suzuki Rental & Lease Yakushima Miyanoura office 42-1772 70
Terada Rent-a-car Miyanoura office 42-0460 18
Toyota Rent-a-car Miyanoura office 42-2000 96
Airport office 43-5180
Nansei Rent-a-car Miyanoura office 42-2115 15
Times Car Rental Miyanoura office 42-2401 19
Airport office 43-5700
Matsubanda Rent-a-car Miyanoura ・Airport 43-5000 58
Anbo office
Yakushima Rent-a-car Miyanoura office 42-0036 21
Yakushima Airport Rent-a-car NAVI Airport office 43-5068 24
Nippon Rent-a-car Airport office 49-4189 20
Niizato Rent-a-car Onoaida 47-2511 4
Destino Rent-a-car Miyanoura 42-1100 20
NISSAN Rent-a car Airport office 43-5023 25



 * Taxi cabs can usually be found at the airport or ports prior to the arrivals of the planes or ships. Arranging for a taxi by phone is recommended.

Company Name Service Office TEL (0997) Number of Taxi  owned
Anbo Taxi Main office(Anbo) 46-2311 8
Matsubanda Kotsu Taxi Airport office 43-5555 12
Miyanoura office
Anbo office
Yakushima Kotsu Taxi Main office (Miyanoura ) 42-0611 24
Anbo 46-2321
Onoaida 47-2018


Bicycle and Motorbike Rental

Shop Name Location TEL (0997) Type of vehicles
YUKO RENTAL Miyanoura 42-2285 Bicycle, motorcycle, scooter
Suzuki Rental & Lease Miyanoura 42-1772 Scooter
YOU SHOP Nangoku Anbo/Miyanoura 46-2705 Bicycle, motorcycle, scooter
Kamiyama Rent-a-car Anbo 49-7070 Scooter
PUKARIDO Koseda 43-5623 Bicycle
Yakushima South Village Hirauchi 47-3751 Bicycle


Chartered Bus

Company Name Location TEL (0997) Number of Bus owned
Tanegasima Yakushima Kotsu Anbo 46-2221 12
Yakushima Michino-eki Kanko Shitogo 42-0012 7
Matsubanda Kotsu Koseda 43-5000 9