Sightseeing, Waterfalls, Rivers-川編

Ohoko-no-taki Waterfall

 Ohoko-no-taki Waterfall is located past Kurio Village at the entrance of Seibu-rindo Forest Path on the prefectural road. It is one of the 100 best waterfalls in Japan and is the biggest waterfall on Yakushima Island. The view of the dynamic waterfall flowing over an 88-meter cliff is spectacular to say the least. You can walk along the rocks near the basin, hear the roaring sound, and feel the cool spray of the waterfall. It is a popular destination especially during the hot summer months.


Senpiro-no-taki Waterfall

 Senpiro-no-taki Waterfall is located near Hara Village, about 40 minutes by car from the airport. You will need to take a narrow one-lane mountain road from Hara Village to get to the observation deck over looking the waterfall. You can see a great amount of water flowing through a V-shaped granite gorge cascading down a 60-meter cliff. The name “Senpiro” comes from an old Japanese standard for measurement. One-hiro means one arm reach and sen-piro means one thousand arm reaches.


Torohki-no-taki Waterfall

 Torohki-no-taki Waterfall is located near Pon-tan-kan which is a 40 minute drive from the airport. You can park your car at Pon-tan-kan, walk across the street, and see a magnificent view of the 7-meter waterfall flowing directly into the sea.


Nunobiki-no-taki Waterfall

 Nunobiki-no-taki Waterfall is located Isso, about 40 minutes by car from the airport. This graceful waterfall can be found near the prefectural road, about a 3-minute walk from Isso Beach towards Isso Village. You will find a nice park by the waterfall where you can take a break and relax. Also near this area is Matsuyama Archeological Site where Yakushima Island’s oldest artifacts of earthenware dating from the early Jomon period were excavated.


Anbo River Boat Tour

 It is said to have begun when the warriors of the Heike Clan who were forced to leave the Capital after their defeat in 1185 with the Genji Clan, had a banquet on a boat one summer evening recollecting the Capital town of Kyoto. The Anbo River Boat Tour is a two-hour leisurely cruise down Anbo River running through the town of Anbo. Enjoying the local cuisine and shochu liquor under a starry night sky is one of Yakushima Island’s popular summer features.


Yoggo Gorge

 Yoggo Gorge is located on the upper part of Nagata River just outside Nagata Village, about 65 minutes by car from the airport. It has long been an oasis for the local residents. There are many massive granite boulders and natural pools where freshwater creatures such as Yoshinobori gobies, Bouzuhaze gobies, and giant eels can be found.