Mountain climbing notification

We ask all climbers to submit a mountain climbing notification. 
Mountain climbing notification is for your safety. 


Mountain climbing notifications are used to insure your safety while mountaineering in Yakushima. They are used to locate you if you were not able to return from a climb in an appropriate amount of time. If you meet with an accident or disaster and need help, a search and rescue will be conducted.

The Mountain Climbing Notification forms can be found at Yakushima Town Office, Miyanoura and Anbo ports, Yakushima Airport, Yakushima Police Station, tourist information centers, Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center, Yakushima Environmental and Cultural Village Center, Yodogawa trailhead, Arakawa trailhead, Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine trailhead, etc. 

Please make sure to submit this form.