Mountain Routes and Trails

Yakushima has many hiking and climbing routes and trails. Before attempting one, please check the level of experience required to successfully traverse it safely. There are all levels of routes and trails to choose from. Picking the right one can give you a safe and an enjoyable experience to remember Yakushima by.
 Advanced level mountain routes are not for the novice. Please prepare yourself fully with climbing equipment and physical strength. You should also schedule enough time for the climb.
☛Two Major mountain climbing routes: 
・Jomonsugi Route (starts from Arakawa Trail Entrance or Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine)
・Mt. Miyanoura Route (starts from Yodogawa Trail Entrance)

☛Advanced level mountain climbing routes: 
You need advanced level mountain climbing experience and equipment. 
・Nagata Trail (Nagata Hodo)         ・Hanayama Trail (Hanayama Hodo)
・Kurio Trail (Kurio Hodo)          ・Yudomari Trail (Yudomari Hodo)
・Onoaida Trail (Onoaida Hodo)

Some routes and trails are listed below.
*The time indicated on the map is based on the time of climbers with about 20 kg loads in the summer season. You may require more additional time than these display time.