Restrooms and Outhouses in the Mountains

There are many mountain outhouses on Yakushima. (The waste from these mountain outhouses are removed with the cooperation of many Yakushima’s people and thereby preserving the environment.) Also a disposable toilet system has been introduced to lessen the excessive use of the outhouses. There are disposable toilets trash containers in front of the mountain entrances. (Common trash should not be dumped here.)


How to use the disposable toilet

① These are a complete set of disposable toilet package.
* One-pack: 500 yen
*Two packs: 700 yen
It is available at the tourist information centers, and some rental car shops, hotels, souvenir shops, climbing equipment shops.

②Disposable-toilet booth(cf. the right photograph) and tent type disposable-toilet booths (cf. the left photograph) in the mountains

③ Inside the disposable-toilet booth

④ The seat in the booth is collapsible

⑧ Put the forest green bag in the light green bag and close the ziplock opening tightly.

⑦ After you are done, close the bag using the plastic ribbon.

⑥ Install the forest green disposable toilet bag on the seat.

⑤☝Before installing bag, tear off the plastic ribbon on the top of the bag.



⑨ Please throw away your used disposable toilets in the container marked for just disposable toilet at trail entrances!