Areas to be careful when choosing roads to drive on

Some of the tourist spots are not near the prefectural road and some have no clear signs. So tourists find it difficult to get there. The orange routes in the maps are recommendable routes with signs.

【Senpiro Waterfall】 
Many extending small farm roads and dead ends on the way to Senpiro Waterfall may confuse visitors. The farm roads running in parallel with prefectural road makes them even more confusing, so please choose orange routes. 
Walking from the nearest bus stop (No. 87 Tainoko) to Senpiro Waterfall will take over one hour on foot.
【Ohoko Waterfall】 
After visiting Ohoko waterfall you may be disoriented about which direction you should be heading in. Please always consider the direction of mountains and the sea. Ohokono taki bus stop (No.129) is the final stop, so you won’t see any until Nagata. 
【Nakama Gajumaru Banyan】 
Nakama Gajumaru Banyan is located in the center of Nakama area, the foot of Nakama Bridge. Please drive with care. This recommendable route is running through residential area.
【Haruta-hama Beach】 
Haruta-hama Beach is located 1.5 km (20 min. on foot) from Anbo Ohashi Bridge. The nearest bus stop is No.66 Anbo Bus stop. If you don’t bring enough water, there is a beverage vending machine at the first corner. Harutahama restroom facility is closed except mid-July and the end of August.