How to get to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine & Yakusugi Land

【Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine】
Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine is about 12 kilometers from Miyanoura Port, 35 minutes by bus or 25 minutes by car. It is the most popular tourist destination on Yakushima because of its easy access and famous for moss covered forests as setting for ‘Princess Mononoke’ movie.
・By bus: The total number of the bus services between Miyanoura Port and Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine are seven times a day. (Yakushima Kotsu Bus operates 4 services a day and the free pass bus tickets are available. Matsubanda Kotsu is 3 services a day). The bus fare from Miyanoura Port to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine is 560 yen for one-way and 1,120 yen for round trip. From the main road route, please transfer at the bus stops colored in red in the map below to Shiratani UR. 
・By car: Even if you rented a car, please don’t worry, you won’t lose the way. You can easily find the clearest road signs to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine in Miyanoura. You won’t miss it. On the way to Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine you may enjoy the passing scenery and the panoramic view of Miyanoura and the sea. If you are lucky, you may see adorable Yaku-monkeys or Yaku-deer on the road.
YK: Yakushima Kotsu Bus  MK: Matsubanda Kotsu Bus
Miyanoura Port ➔ Shiratani UR
If you have the free pass bus ticket, please take the bus indicated in green on this timetable.
No. Bus stop name YK MK YK MK YK MK YK
20 Miyanoura Port 8:10 8:15 10:15 12:25 13:05 13:40 15:30
23 Miyanoura 8:13 8:19 10:18 12:29 13:08 13:44 15:33
25 Oharamachi 8:15 8:20 10:20 12:30 13:10 13:45 15:35
29 Shiratani UR 8:45 8:45 10:50 12:55 13:40 14:10 16:05
Shiratani UR ➔ Miyanoura Port
No. Bus stop name YK MK YK MK YK MK YK
29 Shiratani UR 9:00 9:05 10:50 13:00 13:45 14:15 16:10
25 Oharamachi 9:25 9:30 11:15 13:25 14:10 14:40 16:35
23 Miyanoura 9:27 9:31 11:17 13:26 14:12 14:41 16:37
20 Miyanoura Port 9:35 9:35 11:25 13:30 14:20 14:45 16:45


【Yakusugi Land】
Yakusugi Land is located 17 kilometers from Anbo Port, 41 minutes by bus or 35 minutes by car. You may experience up-close the cyclic mechanism of the forest and come to know the history and the people of the forest.
・By bus: The general route bus users need to transfer to Kigensugi route at the Gocho-mae bus stop (No.62) and get off one stop before the terminal bus stop. These buses on Kigensugi route are operated by Yakushima Kotsu Bus and run twice a day. The bus fare between Anbo Port and Yakusugi Land is 750 yen for one-way and 1,500 yen for round trip. 
If you want to visit more tourist spots on Yakushima, Yakushima Kotsu Bus is selling valuable free pass bus tickets. For instance, the round trip fare from Miyanoura Port to Yakusugi Land is 3,160 yen. (The breakdown is …the bus fare from Miyanoura Port to Gocho-mae is 810 yen, and the fare from Gocho-mae to Yakusugi Land is 770 yen. It comes to 1,580 yen for one-way and round-trip fare is 3,160 yen.) So one-day free pass bus ticket (2,000 yen) is definitely a good deal. * There are also three-day free pass bus ticket (3,000 yen) and four-day free pass bus ticket (4,000 yen). 
・By car: It is recommended that you rent a car because the number of bus service is small to Yakusugi Land. You can easily find the street signs to Yakusugi Land at the crossing point where the prefectural road and the road going to Yakusugi Land meet up. 
YK: Yakushima Kotsu Bus
Gocho-mae ➔ Yakusugi Land Yakusugi Land ➔ Gocho-mae
Free pass bus tickets are not sold on the buses. If you don’t have it, please purchase at Yakushima Kotsu Bus Office located in front of Gocho-mae bus stop or other ticket sales place in advance.
No. Bus stop name YK YK No. Bus stop name YK YK
62 Gocho-mae 9:20 13:30 72 Kigensugi 10:45 14:55
64 Anbo Port 9:26 13:36 71 Yakusugi Land 11:05 15:15
66 Anbo 9:28 13:38 69 Arakawa sansaro 11:11 15:21
67 Makino 9:29 13:39 68 Yakusugi Shizenkan 11:38 15:48
68 Yakusugi Shizenkan 9:34 13:44 67 Makino 11:43 15:53
69 Arakawa sansaro 10:01 14:11 66 Anbo 11:44 15:54
71 Yakusugi Land 10:07 14:17 64 Anbo Port || ||
72 Kigensugi 10:27 14:37 62 Gocho-mae 11:48 15:58