Seibu Rindo Forest Path

Seibu Rindo Forest Path
AREA… the western part of Yakushima
about 26 km from Miyanoura to the access of 
Nagata side (40 min. by car) / about 34 km from Anbo to the access of Kurio side (47 min. by car)
TRANSPORTATION… No route bus services 
The only one World Natural Heritage 
Site on Yakushima easily accessible by car, and adorable yaku-monkeys and yaku-deer
The overall length of Seibu-rindo Forest Path is about 20 kilometers and it passes through the western part of Yakushima. About 15 kilometer of the path runs through the World Natural Heritage site, which is a virgin forest. Seibu-rindo Forest Path sometimes known as ‘the green tunnel’ runs under a thick canopy of trees. You may see Yaku-monkeys and Yaku-deer relaxing on this path.
Please do not feed any wildlife on Yakushima to protect our natural environment!!
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