Shakunagenomori, Rhododendron Park

Syakunage-no-mori, Rhododendron Park
LOCATION… about 50 km from Miyanoura (65 min. by car) / about 
30 km from Anbo (40 min. by car)
NEAREST BUS STOP… No.127 Kurio-bashi bus stop 
(550 meters/ 10 min. on foot)
FAVORED FEATURES… Various kinds of rhododendrons and the 
condition of blooming dazzlingly in spring
ADMISSION FEE… Free of charge
FACILITIES… Restroom and parking lot (20 cars)

<center of the park>

Rhododendron Park is located about 50 minutes from Yakushima Airport. There are 3,500 rhododendrons plants of 110 different varieties including the Yakushima Rhododendron. You can see rare indigenous plants of Yakushima and hear the rushing Kurio River along the boardwalk, an oasis for the visitors.

<indigenous plant ‘Yakushima Rhododendron’>
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