Yumugi Onsen

Yumugi Onsen
AREA… Yumugi area, Kuchinoerabujima
LOCATION…about 13 km from Honmura port (35 min. by car)
* 1 hour 40 minutes by Ferry Taiyo from Miyanoura port (Yakushima) to Honmura port (Kuchinoerabujima)
Type of hot spring… Sulfur, sodium, calcium, and chloride hot spring
Opening hours…24 hours
Fee…100 yen for adults 

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Yumugi Hot Spring is located on Kuchinoerabujima Island, about 35 minutes by car from Honmura Port. It is a carefully maintained hot spring. Sediments of minerals called “yunohana,” hot spring flowers, dance in the water and are considered good for your health. Relax and indulge yourself.
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