Janokuchi-no-taki Waterfall

Janokuchi-no-taki Waterfall

Starting point for trekking… Onoaida Trail Entrance
                (Next to Onoaida Onsen)
Access to starting point… 33.2 km from Miyanoura (42 min. by car) / 14.6 km from Anbo (20 min.by car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.98 Onoaida onseniriguchi bus stop
            (550 m/ 6 min. on foot from bus stop)
Altitude…500 meters 

Distance from the trail entrance…about 3.5 kilometers 

The time required for round trip…5 hours  

Difference in elevation…410 meters 


A two and a half hour walk from Onoaida Hot Spring through a broadleaf forest and a subtropical forest will take you to Janokuchi-no-taki Waterfall where the water plunges down a 30-meter high granite rock. You can relax and indulge yourself while feeling the pleasant breeze around the basin.

<Janokuchi-no-taki Waterfall>


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