Mt. Kuromi

Mt. Kuromi
Starting point for trekking… Yodogawa Trail Entrance

Access to starting point… 32 km from Miyanoura (1 h 25 min. by car) / 23 km from Anbo (1 hour by car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.72 Kigensugi bus stop / a 25-minute walk (1.6 km) to the trail entrance

Altitude…1,831 meters 

Distance from the trail entrance…about 5.2 kilometers 

The time required for round trip…about 7-8 hours  

Difference in elevation…471 meters 

<Mt. Kuromi, the 6th highest mountain in Kyushu>

Mt. Kuromi is located 1,831 meters above sea level and is one of the three famous mountains of Yakushima. The summit of Mt. Kuromi has many surprisingly huge granites formations which is a spectacular sight for climbers. From Mt. Kuromi’s summit, several well-known mountains peaks, including Kyusyu’s top 8 highest mountains can be seen. This is why Yakushima is often called ‘Alps on the Ocean’. 
Climbing Mt. Kuromi takes about three hours from Yodogawa trail entrance. It is an advanced level mountain climbing route.

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