Mt. Miyanoura

Mt. Miyanoura
Starting point for trekking… Yodogawa Trail Entrance

Access to starting point… 32 km from Miyanoura (1 h 25 min. by car) / 23 km from Anbo (1 hour by car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.72 Kigensugi bus stop 
        (1.6 km/ 25 min. on foot from bus stop to the trail entrance)

Altitude…1,936 meters 

Distance from the trail entrance…about 8 kilometers 

The time required for round trip…10-12 hours  

Difference in elevation…576 meters 

<Mt. Miyanoura, Kyushu’s highest mountain>

* Climbing from Yodogawa trail entrance to Mt. Miyanoura takes over 5 hours of serious climbing.

Climbers can enjoy the changing of sceneries from coniferous forest to alpine plants, such as the clear stream of Yodogawa River, ‘Tofu-iwa Rock’ on the summit of Mt. Koban, the southernmost highland marsh ‘Hananoego’, and indigenous plant ‘Yakushima gentian’. A panoramic view of inner mountains from the summit is superb. The time of blooming of Yakushima rhododendron is from mid-May to early June. The best autumn leaves season, including mountain ashes and Yakushima maples (Acer morifolium koidz.), is from mid-October to early November. The peaks of the mountains in Yakushima are covered with snow in winter, which can be three to six meters deep. So please be well prepared for climbing.

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