Shiratani Unsuikyo Lavine

Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine
LOCATION… about 10 kilometers from Miyanoura 
       / 11.5 km from Miyanoura port (24 min. by car)
         / 28.5 km from Anbo port (44 min. by car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.29 Shiratani Unsuikyo bus stop 
            (It is located in front of the entrance)

Altitude…600 to 1,050 meters (424 ha) 

Admission fee…500 yen for high school students and up

Facilities…Restrooms and parking lot (50 cars)

Courses…・Yayoisugi course (2km/an hour hike) ・Bugyosugi course (4km/a 3 hour hike)  ・Taikoiwa course (5.6km/a 4 hour hike)
Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine is only about 12 km (a 24-minute drive) from Miyanoura port. It is a natural recreational forest where you can see the virgin forest. The hiking courses offer beautiful views of mountain streams and many ancient cedar trees including Yayoisugi Cedar (over 3,000 years old), Bibinkosugi Cedar, and Bugyosugi Cedar. You can also see the moss and fern covering evergreen trees, Yakusugi cedar trees, and the forest ground. You can also see gigantic overlapping stones, deep canyons, and Shiratani River running through the virgin forest. In spring, rhododendrons and cherry azalea bloom along the river. The beauty is like that of Japanese gardens. On the Taikoiwa course, you can see “Moss Forest” which is said to have inspired the animated film “Princess Mononoke.” 
* A route to Mt. Miyanoura, the highest mountain in Kyushu, by way of Tsujitoga pass, Wilson stump, Daiousugi cedar, and Jomonsugi cedar is accessible within the park.
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