Yokko Valley

Yokko Keikoku Valley
AREA… Nagata

LOCATION… 23 km from Miyanoura (38 min. by car) / 41.6 km from Anbo (1 hour by car)

NEAREST BUS STOP… No.1 Nagata bus stop 
                                 (1.7 km/ 26 min. on foot/ 7 min. by car)
FACILITIES…Restroom and parking lot (7 cars)

Movie linkhttp://kagoshima-trip.jp/be-ja/8/

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Yokko Keikoku Valley is located on the upper part of Nagata River just outside Nagata Village, about 51 minutes by car (33 km) from the airport. It has long been an oasis for the local residents. There are many massive granite boulders and natural pools where freshwater creatures such as Yoshinobori gobies, Bouzuhaze gobies, and giant eels can be found.
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